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Hey friends! Here is a place where you can tell us all about the books you are currently reading. Use this area to recommend your favorite books and share your thoughts on them with the club.


44 Responses to “What are YOU reading?”

  1. Sydney Says:

    I just finished The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision. A very convicting book, but one that all Christians should read, and afterward, take action!

    • Mike Says:

      Hey Sydney, that book you’re reading, “The Hole in Our Gospel,” what’s it all about? I’m really interested in finding out more. The title really caught me.

  2. Julia Says:

    A friend from my small group gave me some fiction books to read over the summer. I just finished the Rook, by Steven James — from a crime-solver action series that I thought was quite good, and now I’m into the Randy Singer legal mystery novel, By reason of Insanity. Both are contemporary Christian fiction.
    Also — waiting for another Randy Ingermanson novel to publish!

  3. Hannah Kobayashi Says:

    For Women: ‘In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart.’ It is about Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy Graham. It tells of her ordeal with depression, and marital trials. Infidelity happens, and even in the most high-profile of Christian families! My opinion: Satan does not discriminate, and Ruth encourages us women to be spiritually ready when the hard times come. A must read for woman married, but I’m single and found it to be encouraging.

    • Peggy Says:

      The book title “In Every Pew Sits A Broken Heart” caught my interest. I am definately going to check it out. Thanks Hannah!

  4. Nikki Says:

    I just finished The Noticer by Andy Andrews. It is a wonderful book about a man who happens to show up just when this town needs him. It’s funny how a book can teach you so much in just a few short pages. I learned how to show love to each of my kids in the way that they need. He shows you how to look at life with a different perspective. It is a truly good read! It really opened my eyes to a new perspective with my family.

  5. Butch Says:

    A few months ago I found a wonderful new Christian book which I believe ought to be in every Christians hands – regardless of their age (spiritually or physically). It is simple and easy to read, yet profound. It really strikes at successful Christian living. The author has a unique way of presenting complex topics in a easy to understand way. The book is “Thy Will Be Done On Earth” by Robert Lloyd Russell. He has a website at http://www.booksrlr.com which tells more about the book.
    The two main sections of the book develop graphic models showing how to follow God’s will for all Christians (The Christian Life Model) and how to gain specific guidance at decision points in life (The Christian Guidance Model). I have been a Christian for decades and this book influenced me and my Christian life more than any other (except of course the Bible). I am re-reading it a fourth time and plan on reading it annually. It’s that good.

  6. Katie Says:

    I’m reading the Mark of the Lion Series again. Its by Francine Rivers. In all my reading, I’ve never come across such a fabulous character as Hadassah. I recommend it to everyone I know who likes to read! Its pretty easy to read, so it doesn’t take too long to get through. I love the setting – Ancient Rome, just years after Christ.

    Also a must-read by Francine Rivers is Atonement Child. I made all my girlfriends read it. It really challenges your convictions about abortion.

    • Kathy Hibbs Says:

      I have to agree with the comment about this series. I am on the last of the trilogy books now. The three books were a gift for Christmas, but I wasn’t too sure that I would enjoy them when I started reading the first book, a little too grusome for me, with the gladiator fighting. However I soon met Hadassah, and have come to realize what a faithful servant she was, and how she wanted to live for Christ. A real challenge for me to, I want to be that kind of woman. I have to say this series has probably been a life-changer for me, in that it made me realize the humility we must have, but we can have through our hope in Christ. Wow. I highly recommend the series.

  7. Susan Says:

    I just finished reading Karen Kingsbury’s latest book, “Shades Of Blue”. This was by far one of the best books I have ever read! You can view the trailer for this book on her web site: http://www.karenkingsbury.com .

  8. Douglas Sparkes Says:

    The book my wife and I are reading is “The Dream Giver” byBruce Wilkinson

  9. Laura Stewart Says:

    Hi there…
    I work with a gentleman named Terry Bachynski who has written a book called “Ordinary Guy – Extraordinary Marriage”. Check out his website at http://www.ordinary-guy.com to learn about his book and speaking events. It is a fun-filled handbook for married and soon to be married couples with simple honest advice about how to build a truly beautiful and “extraordinary” marriage.
    I know him personally but my husband and I learned so much from this book and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  10. Jon Montgomery Says:

    I read plenty of non-fiction, but I’m not much into novels and fiction in general…at least until now. I finally read “The Shack” by William P. Young, and I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it; not just because it was fiction, but also for it’s message and unique way of picturing relationship with God. As a father of two young girls I was captured by the drama of what happened to Mack’s little girl…at times it brought me to tears. I was also brought to tears at points that showed God’s exceptional grace to meet Mack right where he was in the way he needed to be met by God. If anyone reading this comment has been hesitant to read The Shack due to naysayers and critics, or people afraid of some “hidden agenda”, I say you owe it to yourself to read it and use your own mind and heart to decide for yourself about the book. For me, I know it opened my heart, knocked down some barriers, and brought me into closer relationship with my God; the God of the Bible and his Son Jesus Christ. It has also made me appreciate my family even more and has encouraged me to strive for closer and more honest relationship with my wife. Now, that seems like a pretty good book that can do all that…and it’s a page-turner too!

  11. Nikki Says:

    Hi I just finished “Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain” By Paul Meirer, and David Henderson. I choose this book because of the constant physical pain I live in hoping there was some “magic pill” that would make me feel better,( you know since I am a christian and I should not have to be in pain all the time). It wasn’t. What it is, is a step by step book looking into your pain, we all have it it just in how we deal with it determines how quickly we heal from it. This book has really brought me on an amazing journey, one that has made my walk with Christ much stronger. I highly recommend it! Take your time with this book. I underlined almost every page because of the wonderful information!

  12. Jon Montgomery Says:

    I’m reading one of the books in the “Christian Heroes: Then & Now” series from http://www.ywampublishing.com. This book, “Gladys Aylward – The Adventure of a Lifetime”, is the first in the series about a young woman who knows she is called to be a missionary to China but encounters unbelievable obstacles getting there only to find it nothing like what she had expected. Yet she trusts God and lets Him work through her even under the harshest of conditions and while enduring many dissapointments. Written in a style that grabs and holds your attention, it’s great for the younger, pre-teen and teen audience, but is a great read as an adult too. As a father of three, I look forward to my kids reading the books in this series when they are old enough, but I’ll be reading more of these for my own enjoyment, encouragement and inspiration. I plan on getting some of the “Heroes For Young Readers” series books for them to start with. What a great way to help our youth see how God works through the lives of those who follow him while they read an exciting story about someone who has made a difference in the world. I’m thinking my neices and nephews will be receiving these books for Christmas.

  13. little fish Says:

    I’m currently reading “Experience God” and “Set Apart Femininity: God’s Sacred Design For Every Woman” by Leslie Ludy. So far, both books are easy reads and the messages are good.

  14. Harold Says:

    I’m reading “Heaven is So Real” by Choo Thomas. Beautiful book from a korean woman,who speaks very little English,but was chosen by God to write her book.She claims she was visited by God many times,and taken to Heaven 17 times,and shown Hell twice.Being a rather new Christian I was skeptical.Not anymore.

    • Harold Says:

      I thought I would comment on my own post.Even though I finished this book ages ago I still can’t help thinking about something she said in the book.Choo Thomas claims Jesus told her that the End Times are soon and George Bush is the president that Jesus says will lead us through the End Times.Well,Obama is president now,and the end didn’t happen.Not saying it won’t,but Choo was obviously wrong about everything involving the End Times.It kind of puts her credibility off in the rest of the book in my opinion.Don’t get me wrong,this book helped my journey into Christianity,but I can’t help wondering if Miss Thomas is a false prophet.

  15. Wilma van Oort Says:

    I am inspirational romance novelist and I just finished writing my first novel. I know the question was about what we are reading, but just had to write about my novel, “A New Beginning.”
    My book reflects on God’s grace and protection when we are going through the most unimaginable pain and trials. Abigail Forrestor is a widow with two children, twins Chloe and Cole. She owns a bookstore in a small town amid the Amish Community. After her daughtrer befriends a young Amish girl, an ex Amish man comes into the store claiming to be her uncle. Levi Bontregger left the Community after he argued against the very beliefs he had grown up with. As the relationship between Abby and Levi grows, something keeps them fighting for protection and battling their faith. When Levi overhears aconversation between two criminals, he immediately goes to the authorities but these men find out and from then on the couple is thrown into one dangerous situation after another.
    Find out how they balance their love, fear, hope and everyday struggles to keep their relationship together, and join them on a journey that will keepyou on your toes!

    This novel is available at Amazon, books-a-million and barnes and Noble

  16. Leslie Reed Says:

    One of the best books I have read this year is “The same kind of different as me”. It’s a true story by Ron Hall and Denver Moore and will really touch your life.

  17. Kim Smith Says:

    I’m reading Faith Undone, by Roger Oakland. He discusses the emerging church movement. He points out several important “changes” in some churches and beliefs of Christians to be aware of, such as embracing mysticism, New Age and eastern religious practices. I’ve seen a church undone by the emergence of the emerging church movement and chose to turn to a church that bases all teachings on the Word of God, the Bible. I don’t buy all Oakland’s ideas hook, line and sinker, but he’s helped me to be watchful of what Jesus wouldn’t want.

  18. Mel Guzman Says:

    I was recently recommended a book called “Revelation of the Marriage of the Lamb”. It is an amazing explanation of the Book of Revelation and other biblical truths that have always been there and I’ve never seen. It could practically be used for bible study at any level. I highly recommend it as it is free for download at http://revelations.i8.com

  19. Jon Montgomery Says:

    I just finished “The Noticer” by Andy Adrews. Cool Book. An old man named “Jones” walks into town and helps many lives change for the better by adding a little “perspective”. I highly recommend it. It will improve your outlook (perspective) on life no matter how good or bad it is right now. And you may just find yourself helping others a little more as well.

  20. Gillian Goudsward Says:

    I am working through all of Karen Kingsbury’s books. The first ones I read were the Baxter Family series, and I did not want to say goodbye to this family. Karen has a wonderful realistic style and you find yourself loving her characters. Each book has a very strong message of Christian growth.

  21. Marissa Says:

    I’ve really been into Christian suspense/fiction novels. I’ve found that Ted Dekker writes excellent books that are definitely thriller books, though a bit mainstream-feeling. My favorites so far are Skin, a mind-bending, on-the-line for fantasy book, and Adam, another great book that is actually more than a bit creepy. Dekker writes his books a bit darker than you might expect, so remember that going into his books, and also that he is targeting mainstream readers to give them a clean book that ultimately leads them to God, though the spiritual points he writes into his books are very basic. Mostly good-vs.-evil and some elaboration on other topics, like beauty in Skin and possession in Adam, but he keeps it clean and gives a good story. Dekker will definitely keep you reading through the night and on the edge of your seat the whole ride!

  22. SPUD Says:

    Im reading the Codebearers series by the Miller Brothers. It is really good! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Christian book that explains Christianity in an interesting Way. I also read “The Shack” by W. Paul Young. I loved it!

  23. Butch Says:

    JIM ELLIOT: A CHRISTIAN MARTYR SPEAKS TO YOU which is a brand new book that contains transcribed messages which Jim spoke before leaving for the mission field. He and four companion missionaries were killed by the unreached peoples group they were trying to reach for Christ. WARNING: These messages are truly inspiring and can be life-changing.

  24. Roma CPirri Says:

    I am currently ready “Plan B’ by Pete Wilson. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C34l01O8rI0 Look… IF you have ever face a disappointment, crisis or major hurt in life like I know we all have…This is a MUST read! It’s made me laugh, cry, but most of all lead me to a better understanding and a healing place… God is so good always! Read it! You’ll be glad you did! two thumbs way up! God Bless you!

  25. B Oikle Says:

    Just finished reading The Mitford series by Jan Karon. A good example of showing Christian witness in a community. Great characters, heart warming messages. Can’t wait for her next book coming in Oct.

  26. Carolyn Says:

    I have enjoyed many of Robert Whitlow’s books. Set in the Southeast US, they are legal dramas with Christian characters dealing with “real world” issues. I just finished the The Tides of Truth series.

  27. butch4him Says:

    Fabulous new book on Jim Elliot. This book contains messages which he spoke prior to leaving for the mission field – where he and 4 other Christian missionaries were killed by the Auca Indians. The missionaries had guns but chose not to use them!!!!!
    This book “JIM ELLIOT: A Christian Martyr Speaks To You” (ISBN 9781615797646) contains the messages which he spoke prior to going to the mission field. They really show Jim’s heart and passion for the Lord. The first two on the need for spiritual desire and the effects of sin on the believer really convicted me and spoke to me in a life-changing way.
    A GREAT book for anyone who is missions oriented or anyone who is seeking a more intimate walk with their Savior.

  28. laura Says:

    i,m reading the wondeful plan god has for are life it very good has lot of non- christan stuff but about to cry it a very good book

  29. Peggy Says:

    I have currently started reading John Hagee’s new book “Can America Survive”. I’m not a book reader, but this one is a MUST READ!

  30. Sarah Says:

    I’m about 3/4th the way through “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller. I’ve never had someone so elequently record my thoughts about Christianty. I’ve realized some of my own downfalls, reasons why I hesitate at times to share my faith, and am encouraged by the way he just lays it all out. It has encouraged me to rethink my motives on why I do the things that have become the pattern of my life. I recomend this to anyone looking for a sophisticated, intelligent look into Christian spirituality.

  31. Denise Says:

    I just finished reading “Rooms” by James L. Rubart. Wowza! Different from what I am used to reading but riveting and eye opening as well. I am looking forward to grabbing “Book of Days” and have my mind blown away again!

  32. Chris Says:

    I’m reading “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. It is focused on understanding God’s spirit in each of us. His book Crazy Love is very good also. Hope you enjoy them!


  33. Denise Griffin Says:

    I am reading the Pirate Queen. It’s a good book but it’s taking me longer to read it than I usually take with books. It’s about a woman who was about to leave her husband and move to their summer home which they never really used. He came home before she left that day and told her he has brain cancer. This changed her plans. It’s a good book and I am interested in seeing how it all plays out.

  34. wanda antoine Says:

    Please read the book Identity Theft:Using the Name of Jesus Without Permission. It is truly a message from our Lord to His Church. This book can be ordered from Tate Publishing.com.

    The church without knowledge is partcipating in the destruction of many who call themselves christians. Read this book and find out what God has to say about the tactic the enemy is using to destroy the kingdom of God. Identity Theft by Wanda Conway Antoine.

  35. wanda antoine Says:

    Please subscribe to the blog at: messagesfromjesus.org. you will be blessed with messages from Jesus using lesson outlines that can be used for individual and small group Bible study.

  36. Charles Says:

    The Cure by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, Bill Thrall. This is an awesome book about what it means to live out of who God says you are. The website has a chapter you can download and some other great content.

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