Book Synopsis: The Compassion Revolution

Book Synopsis: The Compassion Revolution

Book Synopsis: The Compassion Revolution

The Compassion Revolution
How God Can Use You to Meet the World’s Greatest Needs
Dave Donaldson with Terry Glaspey

The Compassion Revolution offers raw inspiration and biblical application that empowers Christians to participate in the spiritual and physical transformation of their world.”

Rich Stearns
president, World Vision

“There should be no poor among you.”
Deuteronomy 15:4

Hunger, homelessness, sickness, poverty…half the people on the planet face challenges many of us can hardly imagine. But God has provided us with more than enough resources and gifted us with the ability to solve these problems throughout the world.

How can we possibly feed all the hungry people in the world or provide shelter to those who have none? In this realistic but hopeful assessment from someone on the front lines of global compassion ministry, you’ll find inspiring stories of everyday people whom God is using to meet the world’s greatest needs. The job can be done—and you can make a difference.

“A revolution based on compassion is gaining force all around us. Those who are joining this revolution believe that our world can be a better, healthier, safer place for our fellow human beings and that God has called us to His work of bringing health and healing to those in need.”

Dave Donaldson is cofounder of Convoy of Hope, which feeds millions of people in need around the world, and is president of the International Charity Awards. Dave also created the Rock Solid Discipleship small-group curriculum, which has sold more than 400,000 copies.


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