The Genesis Genealogies


Book Review

Book by Rev. Abraham Park

Book Review by Donna Totey

The subtitle of The Genesis Genealogies is “God’s Administration in the History of Redemption.”  Sounds a little academic, doesn’t it?  But Reverend Park shows the reader that through the Bible’s genealogies (a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person) we can see God’s divine hand at work.

If you’re anything like me, I usually skip right through the genealogies when I come across them, dismissing them as insignificant.  But Reverend Park says it best, “We must not commit the grave mistake of overlooking them as meaningless enumerations of names.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we must discover and follow the rich vein of redemptive history that flows through the genealogies.”  I love how Reverend Park explains the information in the context of God’s great love for us.  The genealogies are not just information or even to be thought of in terms of their historical significance, but God’s involvement in our redemption.

This book opened my eyes to the wonderful plan of redemption that God has had for all people, right from the beginning.  Through the different people listed in the genealogies, God leads us right up to the sacrificial work that Jesus did for us on the cross.  Reverend Park states, “As we delve deeper into the study of the Genesis genealogies, we will be able to sense the magnitude of God’s abundant grace and love.”  The genealogies aren’t just a list of people “begetting” other people; it’s a demonstration of God’s very real love for us.

Reverend Park separates the genealogies into two lines—“the genealogy of the faithful who lived to fulfill God’s will, and the genealogy of the unfaithful whose lives stood against God’s will.”  The genealogies of the faithful are written with different details and information than those of the unfaithful.  The author points out that there are those who God chooses to see and those He chooses not to see.

The book shares information about different people’s lives, whether faithful or unfaithful, and how they chose to relate to God.  Cain, for example, was most likely taught all about God and heard from Him, but because of the evil in his heart, he chose to turn his back on Him.  And even though many of Cain’s descendents chose to follow the evil path, God’s will was even greater and more fervent and was and is still being carried out to this day, despite evil efforts.  On the other hand, Adam’s descendents showed how great walking with God can be.  And Adam’s life itself showed that God didn’t abandon us after the sin and failure of man, but worked to transform death into life through His great love.

I learned that the genealogies aren’t just lists, but examples not only of God’s great love for us, but also examples of how we should and shouldn’t live our lives.  The unfortunate paths of the unfaithful show us how not following God’s plan will cause grave consequences.  The paths of the faithful show us how, even though there might be or will be struggles, with God’s help and guidance, we will fulfill His plans for us.


8 Responses to “The Genesis Genealogies”

  1. Jon Montgomery Says:

    I cannot express in these few words what an important book I believe this is. Don’t be scared away if the title seems dry or too “theological” to you; this book is for every believer. It will bring you to a closer relationship with God as you see His divine plan for redemption and salvation unfold from Adam to Abraham, and extending even to us today. Rev. Park has presented the information in such a way as to be easy to understand, yet he exposes information that is truly profound. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book, and how much it relates to our walk with The Lord today.
    In fact, the reading of this book is bringing about a significant change in my life – to walk closer to my God. A message that God impressed upon me after finishing the book is that He cares about us and wants to bless us – even has a plan for blessing us – but He desires that we live lives devoted to Him. If we want our prayers for His blessings to be answered, we need to live lives that He can bless. Simple, yet a profound encouragement to seek a closer walk with Him and choose that path of blessing rather than the path our sinful nature would have us choose – that ends in death.

  2. Sara Says:

    Donna, I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you SO much for your book review! My impression upon reading “The Genesis Genealogies” was that it is an explication upon the Bible, which was God’s ultimate love letter to His people. It enlightened me about God’s persistent love for us and how he searched incessantly until he found Abraham to begin His work of redemption. It didn’t even occur to me before reading this book just how important Abraham was in God’s plan of redemption. Now I understand why Abraham’s name is the first name listed among the patriarchs in Matthew although he came approximately 2000 years after Adam.
    This book left me feeling humbled and grateful because who am I that God should send his son to die on the cross for “a worm such as I”? However, this was all part of his plan of redemption – Christ as the ultimate sacrifice, and purpose for His plan. “The Genesis Genealogies” never lets us forget that Christ was the apex in the redemptive history. This book has truly blessed me and I believe it will bless everyone who reads it!

  3. Eric Says:

    Donna, thank you for the very sincere and candid book review. As I read this book I felt as if God’s hands were embracing me and bringing me closer to Him. Like Donna’s review this is an amazing book if you want to find out God’s plan for your life.

    By studying our ancestor’s in the Bible, we can clearly see ourselves and where we fit in, if we belong to the “unfaithful” or “faithful” line that lived to fulfill God’s will. This book is clearly and simply written with profound wisdom.

    I went to a Christian College and this is the first time I heard of Adam living at the same time as Lamech (Noah’s father). I could then clearly see why Enoch was taken by God (transfigured) for most likely, great-great-granpa Adam must have taught of his life in the Garden Of Eden and the sin he committed in which led him to be kicked out of there.

    Adam saw God and talked to God. It must have been amazing for his children (great-grand-children) to listen to what life was like in the Garden of Eden. But from the first 10 generations only Enoch was taken by God; he must be the only who truly listened to the Word that Adam preached. Am I also truly taking God’s Word to heart? Are we?

    This book is alife changing and one that will strengthen your faith life wherever you may be.

    I contacted the publisher about this book and asked if the author had more on the works and they told me that a second book is being launched sometime in February.

    I cannot wait for it.

    God bless,


  4. Sun Says:

    The Genesis Genealogies is truly amazing. When you open the book, it has chronological chart from Adam to Joseph – it easy to read and understand. As I read the book, my heart moved closer to God. Now, I am able to relate to these individuals in the genealogy. No one can question Author Reverend Abraham Park’s precise knowledge of the Bible. His book clarified what was fuzzy as he systemically explains how long ancestors and descendants in the genealogy lived. I have never seen a book this clear and simple to understand. If you want a deeper knowledge of the Bible – this book is for you! Praise God!

  5. Lance Israel Says:

    I’m on my fourth time through the book and it continues to stay fresh with Biblical wisdom and cleansing power. It is amazing to experience something like the genealogies of Genesis, which is usually skipped over, turn from a historical list of names into a bouquet of amazing insight and revelation. On page 172 of his book The Genesis Genealogies, Rev. Abraham Park states, “The flow of the lineage from Seth until Abraham can be summed up as the process of being set apart from the world through adherence to the Word of God.” This book takes us on a journey to help us to live lives set apart from this world, taking us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and His plan for for our salvation. If we read this book with a humble and prayerful heart we are sure to be transformed. What seems to have been lost, forgottent about or overlooked comes alive in this book that is sure to inspire you and to refresh your relationship with God and His precious Word.

  6. Candace newton Says:

    I couldn’t put it down. As a going through the motions Christian I always felt there had to be more. I found it!! Seeing His love in a new Light was amazing!! Never judge a book by it’s cover ( or title) and I’m so glad I didn’t. Where has this been? AMAZING!!!!

  7. Rachel Says:

    I just finished reading the Genesis Genealogy for the first time and I have received so much blessing from reading this book. This book is easy to read and understand and I would recommend it to anyone of any age willing to learn of our God’s love for us. The list of names of Genealogies is proof to us that God has hope, faith, and love for us all. From this book you also learn that names are very important and can lead you to become one person or another. One can change who they become, for better or for worse. For example, Methushael, the fifth generation of the line of Cain, has two meanings. Man of sheol (hell) and man of God. He had two paths to choose from, and because he was in the line of Cain, he ended up choosing the path of sin and hell.
    That is just one example of what is taught in this glorious book.

    The second book, The Covenant of the Torch, is said to come out sometime in March.

  8. Rachel Says:

    The second book, the Covenant of the Torch, and the third book, the Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant, are finally out!! Incredible!!!

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