Book Synopsis: The Genesis of Genealogies

The Genesis Genealogies by Rev. Abraham Park

The Genesis Genealogies by Rev. Abraham Park

As anyone who has researched his or her family tree knows, a basic factor in understanding one’s ancestors is knowing when they were born, how long they lived, and when they died.  Here, in The Genesis Genealogies, lies that crucial core information about the forebears of Christianity.  After decades of biblical research, Reverend Abraham Park has compiled his incredible insights into the faith and times of our forebears from Adam to Abraham.  Some of the insights that he presents and supports with Scripture are as follows:

  • Noah’s son Shem, a survivor of the flood, actually outlived Abraham. 
  • Prophetically, Methuselah whose name meant “when he dies, judgment comes” died the year of the flood.
  • Adam lived contemporaneously with Lamech (9th generation), father of Noah, for 56 years.  It is possible that Adam shared with Lamech the story of Eden prior to the fall.
  • Contrary to the traditionally accepted 120 years for the construction of the Ark, it took less than 100 years. 

This book contains the first complete chronological timeline from Adam to Abraham (20 generations) expounding the significance of their names.

This book is sure to exhilarate and challenge the reader.  This is a must have desk- top reference for pastors and laypersons who want to know more.

Rev. Abraham Park, D. Min., D.D., holds degrees from the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological University (B.A.) and from the Seminary (M.Div.), as well as honorary doctorate degrees from several institutions including Faith Theological Seminary and Lael College and Graduate School.  He is also the founding pastor of Pyungkang Che-il Church in Seoul, Korea with over 65,000 members.  He has served as a Minister of the Gospel for over 50 years planting numerous churches worldwide.

Learn more about the book or purchase a copy, click here.


3 Responses to “Book Synopsis: The Genesis of Genealogies”

  1. Diana Says:

    FINALLY!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for covering this book!

    I am a member of Reverend Park’s church in Korea, having been evangelized by one of his branch churches in Tacoma, Green Pastures Presbyterian Church. This book, as well as the rest in the series, have been the basis of study for us for years now; as the 4th volume in the Redemptive Series has just been published, we are all eagerly awaiting the translated versions to arrive. We pray continuously for our humble pastor and the amazing Word he has received. I hope the rest of the series can be a part of the Spirit Book Club as well!

  2. Jon Montgomery Says:

    It has been my pleasure to work with Green Pastures Presbyterian Church to have this book in our book club. I completed the book this morning and cannot express in these few words what an important book I believe this is. Don’t be scared away if the title seems dry or too “theological” to you; this book is for every believer. It will bring you to a closer relationship with God as you see His divine plan for redemption and salvation unfold from Adam to Abraham, and extending even to us today. Rev. Park has presented the information in such a way as to be easy to understand, yet he exposes information that is truly profound. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book, and how much it relates to our walk with The Lord today.

  3. Christine Says:

    Donna, thank you for your reviews! I love seeing what book you will pick next and how diverse they are! Are you going to add a list on books coming up? I’d love to see what’s next as I am so excited about this club!

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