Golden’s Rule: Review by Donna Totey

Golden's Rule: Review By Donna Totey
Golden’s Rule: Review By Donna Totey

Golden’s Rule is about Madison, a young teenage girl who has everything going for her—she’s the star of the basketball team, on track for college and maybe the pros—she’s got her whole life planned out for her.  Then, the bottom drops out as she discovers that she has a serious medical condition and she needs to fight for her life.  While she’s very ill, her mother gives her a handwritten diary from Golden Lea Jackson, one of her ancestors who was a slave girl in the 1800’s.
There are two stories to read and learn from in Golden’s Rule, and I was fascinated by both.  Madison is discovering what a lot of us know all too well…that even though we can have our whole future planned out, life throws curve balls and we need to adjust with God’s help.  Golden discovered an unwavering faith in God, even in the midst of the terribly difficult life of being a slave, without any control over her future.  I love how, as Golden’s story unfolds, Madison gets strength from her and grows in her own faith in God.

While both stories are fiction, Golden’s Rule gives a historical insight into a slave’s life and how they were treated in the 1800’s. The book also gives a good description of Madison’s illness so that you can really relate to her. There’s a particular sad moment for Golden as she remembers her mother being sold.  She never saw her again.  I think it’s an excellent way of teaching about slavery.

The perfect age group for this book is teen girls.  But it’s so captivating and beautifully written that any “girl” can appreciate it, regardless of age.  I sure did!

I think there’s a lesson and reminder in the book for everyone.  We can all plan our days and weeks and months but we need to always remember that God has the best plan for us and if we trust Him, He’ll bring us through


4 Responses to “Golden’s Rule: Review by Donna Totey”

  1. Penny Says:

    Thank you for the review Donna! Would this be a good book for my daughter who is just 10? It sounds like a great book!

    • christianbookclub Says:

      Hi Penny! I really think it would be a great book for your daughter. It’s a great story from Madison’s perspective and gives a great view of what slaves went through, but not too intense.

  2. Amy Says:

    I love this book! It is so well-written. The characters are clearly defined, the situations realistic, the emotions real. As one chapter ends about Maddie, and the next begins again about Golden Lea I am easily transferred to where that story left off. It is not at all confusing or difficult to switch between the two stories.

    Maddie comes to adopt the Golden Rule of Golden Lea, “Love God, and love others as you want to be loved.” Maddie and Golden Lea are both to be admired as is C.E. Edmonson for crafting such a thoughtful, engaging tale.

  3. Jessica R. Says:

    Parents will appreciate the unique perspective of slave life in this historical fiction book. Older children will get caught up in the heartfelt drama. Everyone will be all the better for reading the well-crafted presentation of two powerful characters in Golden’s Rule.

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