Book Synopsis: Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

In Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire, Hunter Brown has returned from his first trip to Solandria and finds himself alone with memories of his adventures and many unanswered questions. He returns to school with the sneaking suspicion he is being watched, but his tendency to think he is being trailed by Shadow lands him in a heap of trouble.

Soon, Hunter takes a wild ride to Solandria with two new friends, Trista and Rob, and a furry creature, Boojum. The land has greatly changed. The Codebearers have been scattered and the Resistance is weak. With more questions than answers, Hunter, Trista and Rob begin their quest, led by a mysterious flame. Their goal is to find the Seven mentioned in the Author’s Writ. But they face a brutal adversary, Xaul, who threatens to steal the flame and destroy all that remains of the Resistance.

Has Aviad abandoned them all to the Shadow? Will Hunter and his friends find the courage to complete their quest… or will they be too late?

In this installment of The Codebearers  Series, Hunter Brown learns the values of trust, obedience and following the right path, and he discovers that things aren’t always as they seem.


One Response to “Book Synopsis: Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I love this book! I think it is great for all ages. (other then little little kids who would probably not get it)
    It’s fun to find the little hints of things connected to the Bible in some way or another.
    Yes The Miller Brothers are great at what they do!
    And are now one of my favorite authors.

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