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Golden’s Rule: Review by Donna Totey

September 28, 2009
Golden's Rule: Review By Donna Totey
Golden’s Rule: Review By Donna Totey

Golden’s Rule is about Madison, a young teenage girl who has everything going for her—she’s the star of the basketball team, on track for college and maybe the pros—she’s got her whole life planned out for her.  Then, the bottom drops out as she discovers that she has a serious medical condition and she needs to fight for her life.  While she’s very ill, her mother gives her a handwritten diary from Golden Lea Jackson, one of her ancestors who was a slave girl in the 1800’s.
There are two stories to read and learn from in Golden’s Rule, and I was fascinated by both.  Madison is discovering what a lot of us know all too well…that even though we can have our whole future planned out, life throws curve balls and we need to adjust with God’s help.  Golden discovered an unwavering faith in God, even in the midst of the terribly difficult life of being a slave, without any control over her future.  I love how, as Golden’s story unfolds, Madison gets strength from her and grows in her own faith in God.

While both stories are fiction, Golden’s Rule gives a historical insight into a slave’s life and how they were treated in the 1800’s. The book also gives a good description of Madison’s illness so that you can really relate to her. There’s a particular sad moment for Golden as she remembers her mother being sold.  She never saw her again.  I think it’s an excellent way of teaching about slavery.

The perfect age group for this book is teen girls.  But it’s so captivating and beautifully written that any “girl” can appreciate it, regardless of age.  I sure did!

I think there’s a lesson and reminder in the book for everyone.  We can all plan our days and weeks and months but we need to always remember that God has the best plan for us and if we trust Him, He’ll bring us through


Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire Book Review

September 14, 2009
Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire is the second allegorical book in the “Codebearers Series” by the Miller Brothers.  A lot of what happened in the first book is referenced without offering an explanation. For this reason, it took me a while to figure out what was going on in this book. But once I got into it, and things started to progress in the story, I really understood the correlation between this story and God’s story.  And I liked it!

Hunter and his new friends go through several trials together, while being led by “The Author” (God) and the “Author’s Writ” (the Bible, written with same general idea of the Bible while not being exactly the same.) They meet several people who believe in the Author and help them on their journey to defeat evil in the world of Solandria. Along the way, Hunter and his friends grow in faith in the Author and their relationships with each other.

As I read this book, I found myself really thinking about each message in the book and looking forward to the next one. It reminded me quite a bit of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire is written for tweeners and teens. Along with Hunter, who’s a sophomore in high school, there’s also Rob, a new, kind of clumsy guy at school and cute girl, Trista. So it has appeal for both boys and girls. Since it’s an adventure story, it’s exciting enough for readers, while still reinforcing life lessons and truths about God. I see the target audience being the 10-13 crowd, but it’s still good for younger or older kids. It’s also a great book for families to read together and talk about afterwards.

Book Synopsis: Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

September 12, 2009
Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire

In Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire, Hunter Brown has returned from his first trip to Solandria and finds himself alone with memories of his adventures and many unanswered questions. He returns to school with the sneaking suspicion he is being watched, but his tendency to think he is being trailed by Shadow lands him in a heap of trouble.

Soon, Hunter takes a wild ride to Solandria with two new friends, Trista and Rob, and a furry creature, Boojum. The land has greatly changed. The Codebearers have been scattered and the Resistance is weak. With more questions than answers, Hunter, Trista and Rob begin their quest, led by a mysterious flame. Their goal is to find the Seven mentioned in the Author’s Writ. But they face a brutal adversary, Xaul, who threatens to steal the flame and destroy all that remains of the Resistance.

Has Aviad abandoned them all to the Shadow? Will Hunter and his friends find the courage to complete their quest… or will they be too late?

In this installment of The Codebearers  Series, Hunter Brown learns the values of trust, obedience and following the right path, and he discovers that things aren’t always as they seem.